Free Quiz by Inna Mel

My attachment styles test can provide insight into your attachment style. It can also predict a wide range of relationship tendencies:

- Do you have commitment issues?
- Do others find your relationships enjoyable?
- Are you insecure about your relationships?
- Are you too clingy?
- Are you overly attached?
- How satisfied are you within your relationship?
- How likely are you to break up?

Its easy for me to be affectionate with my partner.
I feel that my partner truly understands me.
I don’t worry about my partner abandoning me.
I can easily talk to my partner about my problems and concerns.
My romantic relationships often lack deep intimacy.
I am comfortable relying on romantic partners.
I feel uncomfortable getting too close to romantic partners.
I worry that my romantic partner does not feel as strongly about me as I do about him/her.
I find it difficult to depend on romantic partners.
I feel uncomfortable sharing my thoughts or feelings with romantic partners.
I find it difficult to trust romantic partners.
I often make excuses to avoid spending time with romantic partners.
I need my partner to constantly show me that he/she really loves me.
I can share my feelings and thoughts with my partner.
I spend a great deal of time worrying about my romantic relationships.
When I am not with my partner, I worry that he/she may be interested in somebody else.
I often worry that my partner will leave me.
If my romantic partner is not around when I need him/her, I become frustrated.